Self-hosting Switcheroo

I’m makin’ strides to beef up this blogthing! As you can perhaps tell by the mess that is my current blog, I recently switched from hosting my blog with to self-hosting it. For those who are not blog-savvy, that means that I now own this baby and am in charge of everything that goes on with it–the design, the security, the backing up, everything! (in addition to the writing.) And you know what? Blogging’s complicated! It’s like a whole new language and I’m definitely still learning the alphabet. I also seem to have lost all my followers while making the switch (see? I have no idea what I’m doing!) so there’s a chance literally no one will see this. If you do see this, please let me know so that I know I didn’t accidentally flush my blog into a black internet hole when I switched to self-hosting. Do expect my blog to look sad for a while, but not for long!

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