Elyssa Garrett is a woman who cringes at the thought of writing about herself in third person.

Born and raised in South Florida (the groin of the United States), I developed an urge to travel early on (after years of crying at sleepovers and begging my parents to let me come home early from class trips. Yes, yes, very early on). After graduating high school and a summer trip around the US that got me in touch with my inner traveler (read: caused me to stop being a chicken), I did my first backpacking trip through Western Europe before moving to Chicago for university.

While studying Radio/ Television/ Film at Northwestern University, I worked on my fair share of student films, DJed for the Rock Show on WNUR, and occasionally pushed days-old popcorn and recycled hot dogs at college football games. During a semester abroad in Madrid, I worked at a music distribution company and became so enamored with the music industry (and Spain) that I decided to look for work in music back in Chicago (and planned to someday return to Spain). I took various positions in the industry, first at a record label, then a music licensing and supervision company, and finally at a radio promotion company.

Despite my love for music and Chicago, I knew I wanted to move abroad. I decided to take a job as an English teacher in Chile and, after half a year there, I returned to Madrid where I currently reside, working, writing, and traveling whenever and wherever I get the chance.

I also tweet about once every eight fortnights: http://www.twitter.com/elyssagarrett

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to email me at hello@elyssagarrett.com